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Crescent Tours is a division of Amazing Destinations Pty. Ltd., offering Hajj, Umrah, Muslim Tours with Halal Meals & discounted Airfares to various destionations. The Company is backed by people who have more than 20 years experience in the Travel & Tourism Industry. The Company’s strength is its impeccable service, easy accessibility, reachable by 1300 Telephone No. from anywhere in Australia as well as by Email and Fax. We have a manned office on Collins Street in Melbourne CBD opened weekdays 9 AM to 5 PM.

Our Hajj tours are very popular due to the fact that not only we offer prompt service during the booking process before your departure but also due to the fantastic inclusions like, we are the only Company offering 3 persons in a Room in our Deluxe Package which is cheaper than Standard Package available in the market, we provide exclusive traditional Indian Sub-Continent meails during Aziziyah stay & we are the first Company in Australia to provide accommodation at the Movenpick Hotel which is located at the Makkah Clock Tower also known as Abraj Al Bait, the entrance of which is from whithin the courtyard of the Haram.

All our tours are carefully designed keeping in view the Islamic religious requirements of our Clients and we are the only Company in Australia to provide China & India tours with Halal meals.

Our Operations & Marketing Department are technology driven and in the forefront is our website which is updated regularly with the latest information.

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